Sportbund Helios Augsburg-Kissing e. V.

We welcome visitors to our site.

                                          You are welcome!

You are naturist, organized in DFK / INF or not, who likes to move naked in nature and naturist lives.

We provide a parking space for caravans / mobile or campsite with electricity    

during the period from 01 May to 30 September.

Please note our lunch rest from 12:00 bis 14:00 clock

Our prices per day:

per person over 18 years


(Younger guests will be
welcome free of charge

  € 5,00 with DFK/INF-Ausweis

  € 7,00 without Card

Caravan / - Motorhome

  € 10,00


  € 5,00

Deposit for band and key

  € 15,00

Electricity, waste, showers



You are welcome to participate with us in club life and in sports.

Use our registration form under the heading "Registration" or contact us via  Phone +49 (0) 170/2107068

Upon arrival at our grounds at Gate 2 log on to the guest services via this phone number.


 24. Juli 2024