Sportbund Helios Augsburg-Kissing e. V.

Our club is a member of Bayer. Naturistenverband (BNV)


The purpose of the association:

The funding of grassroots sport and a natural way of life according to the principles of nudism. The association provides and maintains recreation grounds and sports facilities for the implementation of sports on the broadest basis and undertakes social, sporting and cultural events as part of the association.

The professional life of every individual makes greater demands. It is up to us to escape through meaningful recreation the stress of everyday life and recharge your batteries. For this purpose, our site is built perfect.
Everyone should exploit the yet to be created and given full effect.

Members and guests who accept the purpose of our association is with us regardless of their origin, age, color, belief, religion, disability or sexual orientation welcome.


 24. Juli 2024